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I-9 Support Services

For over ten years, Axion has indexed over 2 Million I-9 forms, performing the data entry necessary to convert what is written or typed on I-9 forms to digital data files such as JSON or text files.  Our clients use the digitized I-9 data to audit the I-9 forms provided by their clients for potential non-compliance items. In many cases, our clients offer a remediation tool that allows their clients to address and correct non-compliant items. 

Our U.S.-only staff performs all the work. We developed programs to meet each client’s requirements for data content, format, and adaptability to the many Form I-9 revisions from 1987 to the present.

Because accuracy is critical, each I-9 is indexed separately (twice) by two independent teams. A senior operator resolves all discrepancies our system identifies (even a single character) between the Pass 1 and 2 data. That way, we achieve 99.9% accuracy on typewritten I-9s and 99% on handwritten I-9s.

We consider our long-tenured staff, including five managers, and accumulated knowledge and experience to benefit our clients significantly.

Given the importance of Form I-9 (U.S. Employment Eligibility Verification), we intend to expand our presence in this market. We are undertaking a significant marketing effort to attract new business from companies offering I-9 auditing and remediation services – even to companies already with an existing vendor relationship that want a second vendor to ensure they have the bandwidth to handle substantial projects.

I9 Support Case Studies

Credit & Collection Management

Custom Programming & Workflow


For more information, call us at 800-493-2630 and press 1 for sales or 702 for the personal extension of Alan Bandell, CEO.

Service Excellence

Working for Your Success

Some say attitude affects behavior, and others say behavior affects attitude. We think both are true.

At Axion, we believe if we can help our clients to be successful, we will be successful as well. We view all our business relationships, with clients, vendors, and each other at Axion, as partnerships. We are in this together – to help each other be successful. It’s an attitude. A way of thinking that permeates our organization. It’s in our DNA.

We never make promises know we can’t keep, but promise we will do whatever it takes to meet, and even exceed, mutual expectations. When two people or organiations share the same goal, good things happen. But words are cheap, and as they say actions speak louder than words. So here are a few examples.

Creative solutions

Specialized Processes to Solve Data Issues

Protecting PII

For the protection of our clients’ and their customers’, Axion has developed a method to prevent a single data operator from keying all of the data for a specific form by separating individual pages into sub-sections which are then keyed by separate operators.

Validating Address Information

Once an address has been keyed into the system, Axion’s data entry system validates the address against the most recently available USPS database. If the address is valid, the zip+4 is automatically appended to the zip code and the address is normalized to USPS standards.

Customized Workflow

Axion creates a customized workflow for each client and form. In one example, to accommodate a client’s requirement of 20-hour continuous daily processing with delivery requirements every 30-minutes Axion developed a unique scheduling tool to establish five 4-hour shifts based on the historical traffic volumes per shift to determine the number of staff needed for each shift.

Axion File Express

Axion is developing a secure proprietary file transfer process that allows files to be transferred to and from Axion by placing files into a unique folder. Once the files are picked up, the files are split into individual bytes, encrypted, and sent via HTTPS to the destination where the file is un-encrypted and stored as the original file. The process runs continuously in the background without any human interaction required once the files have been placed into the folder. This eliminates the need to create Zip files, encrypt them, password protect them, and set up and execute an FTP file transfer.

Text Layer Data Extraction

Axion is developing a process enabling typewritten data to be extracted exactly as it was typed from digitally created PDF files.

Data Entry Quality

Quality Checking Processes

Field Validation

When we design the data entry program for each project, we use field validations extensively, along with table lookups, formulas, and data-type restrictions. This includes standard or custom check-digit formulas, city, state, and zip code lookups from Postal Code tables, as well as any type of customer-specific data (for example, vendor or customer lists, and product or parts lists).

Re-Key Verification

Over the years, we have determined initial accuracy ranges from 96%-98% depending on the type of information (numeric or alpha-numeric). When the nature of the application demandes even higher levels of accuracy, selected fields or entire documents can be verified. This applies to recognized text from OCR/ICR/OMR engines, as well as data that is keyed. After data has been keyed once (or recognized), it is keyed again by a second independent operator. As each keystroke is made, the system flags any differences, which are then verified and corrected by the second operator, or sent to a third, senior-level operator for resolution.

Address Correction & Verification

Undeliverable mail is costly, especially for organizations handling large direct mail programs. To reduce this cost and assure the cleanest address data possible, we utilize CorrectAddress® from Experian ( to verify, correct, and format the addresses entered in accordance with USPS CASS standards. As each address is keyed, it is instantaneously validated against a database of all current US addresses and normalized to USPS mailing standards.

As an add-on, be sure to ask how we can append latitude and longitude to your address records based on the Zip+4. This lets you determine which of your business locations is closest to each person in your database, which is a valuable tool for any business owner.

Skilled Data Entry Operators

Axion carefully screens and trains proficient, experienced data entry operators  All work is performed exclusively by domestic U.S. operators. We have a workforce ranging in size from 40-100 operators at any given time, depending on work volume. Most of our operators have been with us for years; some since the beginning, resulting in a highly skilled workforce, first-class service, and of course, better data entry quality.

Contact us today to request more information about our standards regarding data entry quality. We serve businesses and other clients throughout the United States.


Data Entry Verification

Data Entry Verification

As information changes and details require verification, you need the team at Axion Data to verify your data. Our experienced team can perform data entry verification for your organization while you focus your attention on running your business.

When you outsource your data entry verification to Axion Data, you can save your company time and money that can be used in other areas of your business. Additionally, this essential service will help prevent false or incorrect data from causing your business a loss.

Our team of professionals can work with you to complete data entry verification, providing you with an optimized database.
Contact us today to learn more about our data entry verification services.

Click on this link for an example of an extensive data verification project.

Data Entry Staffing & Management Services

Data Entry Staffing & Management Services

Using this approach, all source documents, processing, and resulting data are retained on the client network, eliminating the risks associated with transferring documents and data between companies.

The client provides login IDs for selected Axion staff who perform the necessary tasks required. Sometimes, the process requires simple data entry from images displayed within the client system. In other cases, Axion staff are required to find the data based on client instructions and to then enter or correct data in the client system. Once a record is complete, the data is immediately available to the client.

As with all client engagements, a dedicated Axion Project Manager is assigned to fully understand the project requirements, train Axion staff, and manage the work. In some cases, the client prefers to train not only the Project Manager but also participate in data entry staff training. If not available from the client, the Project Manager prepares written instructions, which are approved by the client and then used for staff training and reference.

The Project Manager communicates regularly, sometimes daily, with the client’s primary point of contact on such matters as expected workloads, progress, unexpected problems, and quality or turnaround issues.

Customized Service Approach

Customized Service Approach

We create custom applications that match that project requirements. This allows us to build in programmed procedures that enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your project. Some of these procedures include field validations against allowable values, look-up tables, formula validations, and address validation, among others.

Every client project is different, often requiring us to develop a unique way of getting the job done right. To meet your specific requirements for project completion and data delivery, we will develop a custom workflow design and staffing schedule. Click on this link for an example of what we did to provide a 30-minute turnaround for 20 hours daily.

Click on this link for an example of custom programming to protect Private Identifiable Information (PII) and to apply specialized business rules, and ensure accuracy.

Web Research Services

Internet Research Service

We work to ensure that only the relevant data is provided to your database to prevent duplicates or redundant information. Our U.S.-only workforce has years of experience performing diverse Internet-based research.

Throughout data research and collection services, we can help you build a database or online directory for a specific product, service, or trend. Our operators can gather information from specific sites and provide you with the data in the format of your choice.

Internet Research Solutions

  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Gather Market Intelligence
  • Build a database of this information

Not long ago, the only sources available for performing research were books, magazines and newspapers, interviews, direct mail surveys, and a few other extinct practices that the Internet has replaced; The Source.

The Internet is now the primary source for gathering information about people, places, and things, and tools have been developed to “crawl” the Internet 24/7 to gather certain types of information.

But more complex data still require trained people who can exercise judgment and apply established rules. And a single person working alone is very limited in what they can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.

Using your internal resources is costly and removes your employee(s) from their core responsibilities.

Yes, artificial intelligence (AI) may someday replace us simple folk, but for now, having smart people under the right leadership is still the formula that works for many.

That is why companies turn to Axion to gather the critical information they seek to be successful – to leverage the efforts of a well-trained team that will get the work done more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Contact us today to learn more about our data research and collection services and how we can make them work for you!

View a rather intense Internet research project case study we performed.

US Based Data Entry

US Based Data Entry

Our U.S. only workforce is made up of long-tenured, skilled, and experienced data entry operators, project managers, and administrative and IT professionals. No matter the size of your company, you can rely on Axion Data Services for accurate, fast, and secure data entry.

Using a U.S. only workforce enhances many aspects critical to delivering quality work, on time. This includes hiring and training the right people, ongoing supervision, quality control, and security. Our staff is mature, experienced, and fully vetted by us through background checks. All staff work remotely, connecting either to Axion’s cloud-based network or clients’ networks.

Another advantage of having a U.S.-only workforce is that Axion implemented a cloud-based solution that helps protect staff workstations against various cyber threats including data breaches, ransomware, phishing, and more. Key features include patch management, mobile support, antivirus protection, and native device encryption.

Data Entry Services

Data Entry Service Options

Traditional Data Entry Services

We have been in business since 1996 using the the methods of that time. We have long since expanded our offerings. Many companies send us source data that we digitize using our own in-house system. In 2019, we moved our technology infrastructure to the Google Cloud platform to which our data entry operators connect and use a powerful key-from-image interface that we customize for each data entry project.

This more traditional approach offers greater control over data quality and consistency through automated tools and programmed procedures, such as address validation and correction.

Data Entry Staffing & Management

Many contemporary clients prefer that we perform data entry, data verification, or Internet research tasks by connecting to their networks rather than sending us copies. Find out more about our data entry staffing management services.

There are significant advantages to your company when utilizing this approach:

  • You retain control over the physical documents, scanned images, or keyed data which provides you with greater data security.
  • You skip the hassle and cost of round-trip shipping hard copies to our data entry company.
  • When using this data entry method, we do not need to create a custom template in our system, accelerating project implementation and reducing your overall cost.
  • This type of data entry is done by Axion Data in real time and is instantly available to you on a record-by-record basis instead of waiting for a file transfer. This ensures that the data entered is fresh and accurate.
  • Your company does not need to locate, train, and manage competent in-house data entry staff. We provide vetted expert staff so that the time and cost of sourcing qualified individuals fall on us. We accomplish this at a lower cost than if you were to hire internally since we have established criteria to look for, and our dedicated employees result in a low turnover rate.

Data Entry Verification

For situations where the data is already in the desired format and the validity of the data is the question, we offer data entry verification. Some clients ask us to determine the accuracy and completeness of data they receive from outside sources. This is done by referencing original source documents or comparing information found on specified websites.

Data Entry Service Areas

Axion Data Services, located in the Pittsburgh area, is proud to offer data entry solutions to all companies in the United States!

Industries We Offer Data Entry Services

We have the knowledge, experience and industry tenure to offer accurate, secure data entry to YOUR industry.

A few of the industries we have served through data entry are:

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