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At Axion Data Services, we understand that the quality of data is one the most crucial factors in the success of your project. With our online data research and collection services, we can assist you in obtaining the data you require from carefully examined sources.

Internet Research Service

We work to ensure that only the relevant data is provided to your database to prevent duplicates or redundant information. Our U.S.-only workforce has years of experience performing diverse Internet-based research.

Throughout data research and collection services, we can help you build a database or online directory for a specific product, service, or trend. Our operators can gather information from specific sites and provide you with the data in the format of your choice.

Internet Research Solutions

  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Gather Market Intelligence
  • Build a database of this information

Not long ago, the only sources available for performing research were books, magazines and newspapers, interviews, direct mail surveys, and a few other extinct practices that the Internet has replaced; The Source.

The Internet is now the primary source for gathering information about people, places, and things, and tools have been developed to “crawl” the Internet 24/7 to gather certain types of information.

But more complex data still require trained people who can exercise judgment and apply established rules. And a single person working alone is very limited in what they can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time.

Using your internal resources is costly and removes your employee(s) from their core responsibilities.

Yes, artificial intelligence (AI) may someday replace us simple folk, but for now, having smart people under the right leadership is still the formula that works for many.

That is why companies turn to Axion to gather the critical information they seek to be successful – to leverage the efforts of a well-trained team that will get the work done more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Contact us today to learn more about our data research and collection services and how we can make them work for you!

View a rather intense Internet research project case study we performed.

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