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In business since 1996, Axion serves a national market with high-quality, experienced data entry solutions. Here is what distinguishes Axion from other data firms and why our customers like us.

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Service Excellence

At Axion, we believe if we can help our clients to be successful, we will be successful as well. We view all our business relationships, with clients, vendors, and each other at Axion, as partnerships. We are in this together – to help each other be successful. It’s an attitude. A way of thinking that permeates our organization. It’s in our DNA.

We never make promises we know we can’t keep but promise we will do whatever it takes to meet, and even exceed mutual expectations. When two people or organizations share the same goals, good things happen. But words are cheap, and as they say, actions speak louder than words. So here are a few examples:


We create a custom application matching the project requirements, building in programmed procedures to enhance accuracy and efficiency (e.g. look-up tables, field validations against allowable values). When requested we will double-key the entire document or selected fields. We have a U.S.-only workforce. We also build an administrative program to, among other things, perform programmed procedures to identify potential errors, as well as ensure all documents were processed.

Turnaround Time

As a general rule, we use a piece-rate model to compensate data entry operators, providing incentives for efficient work. Companies having their own in-house operations typically pay an hourly rate and stipulate a minimum hourly production rate.  Our largest volume project was for a company that set the hourly minimum at 50 forms per hour, which (not coincidentally) was the average achieved by their in-house staff for many years. When Axion won the account, our operators averaged 100 forms per hour, allowing us to reduce turnaround time from 7 days to 2.


When the work is performing the work on our network, our systems reside on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which adheres to best practices in physical and data security. In addition, we recently implemented a comprehensive security system that not only projects our cloud-based network but also safeguards the remote operator workstations and includes an automated patch management system. Further, we perform background checks on all staff, and each operator signs a contractor service agreement which includes clauses regarding confidentiality and privacy. Learn more about our security practices here.

Creative Solutions

No two customer projects are alike, and no matter how difficult the requirements may be, we work very hard to find solutions. Whether a workflow issue or technical requirement, we respond. Two examples are referenced above under Service Excellence. Integrating automated address validation and correction is another, and soon we will add automated email address validation.


We do not compete as a low-cost provider; rather, we emphasize the five items discussed above. As mentioned, we only use U.S. people which carries a higher price tag than going offshore. Our clients know they can always find another firm to do the work for less, but they sleep better at night knowing they have a trusted business partner. Find out more about data entry fees.

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