For over ten years, Axion has indexed over 2 Million I-9 forms, performing the data entry necessary to convert what is written or typed on I-9 forms to digital data files such as JSON or text files.  Our clients use the digitized I-9 data to audit the I-9 forms provided by their clients for potential non-compliance items. In many cases, our clients offer a remediation tool that allows their clients to address and correct non-compliant items. 

Our U.S.-only staff performs all the work. We developed programs to meet each client’s requirements for data content, format, and adaptability to the many Form I-9 revisions from 1987 to the present.

Because accuracy is critical, each I-9 is indexed separately (twice) by two independent teams. A senior operator resolves all discrepancies our system identifies (even a single character) between the Pass 1 and 2 data. That way, we achieve 99.9% accuracy on typewritten I-9s and 99% on handwritten I-9s.

We consider our long-tenured staff, including five managers, and accumulated knowledge and experience to benefit our clients significantly.

Given the importance of Form I-9 (U.S. Employment Eligibility Verification), we intend to expand our presence in this market. We are undertaking a significant marketing effort to attract new business from companies offering I-9 auditing and remediation services – even to companies already with an existing vendor relationship that want a second vendor to ensure they have the bandwidth to handle substantial projects.

For more information, call us at 800-493-2630 and press 1 for sales or 702 for the personal extension of Alan Bandell, CEO.

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