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This company is a full-service accounts receivables management firm that began their partnership with Axion in 2015 for Axion to perform verification services within the company’s web-based creditor judgment inventory management system (the System). The System stores data to facilitate the verification of information pertaining to individual creditor judgments.

There are three functions that Axion performs – Image Verification, Enhanced Research, and Audit Verification. At the start of our relationship, the company had its own staff of people performing all three tasks but decided to outsource a part of the Image Verification work to Axion. After five years, all work for all three tasks is performed and managed exclusively by Axion staff.

Image Verification

The System captures information from judgment image files uploaded by creditors. The system displays a data entry screen and the image associated with each account. Verifiers are responsible for entering or correcting all fields that are available using the judgment image displayed, following the guidelines outlined for the applicable State as documented in manuals on the Company’s Verification SharePoint site. In this phase, only basic research may be required to obtain a county or proper court name.

Enhanced Research

Enhanced Research is the second function Axion performs. In this phase of work, accounts that do not have judgment images provided must be researched. Axion verifiers are required to search across multiple states using predetermined court websites, third-party legal research sites, and public information websites to obtain judgment information. Once found, the media is uploaded into the System and then verified by entering the data.

Audit Verification

Originally, this function was performed by the Company’s internal team to audit the work performed by Axion. Later, the roles were reversed whereby Axion audited the work performed by both in-house and Axion staff. Eventually, all three functions were outsourced exclusively to Axion. Our auditors are given a set of accounts that were flagged for either random audits or “rule breaks”, accounts that do not fit normal parameters. Axion auditors are responsible for checking the accuracy of all data points of prior verifications. If errors are found, they are sent back to the verifier with an explanation. The fact that the company utilizes Axion to perform all three tasks is a significant indicator of the trust the company has in Axion.

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