As an alternative to Axion developing a custom application and performing the work on its network, a growing trend is for companies having their own in-house data entry system to outsource the staffing and management to Axion. Axion staff connect remotely to the client network and use the client system. There are a number of advantages to this approach, most notably security, turnaround time, and sometimes cost.

Data Entry Staffing & Management Services

Using this approach, all source documents, processing, and resulting data are retained on the client network, eliminating the risks associated with transferring documents and data between companies.

The client provides login IDs for selected Axion staff who perform the necessary tasks required. Sometimes, the process requires simple data entry from images displayed within the client system. In other cases, Axion staff are required to find the data based on client instructions and to then enter or correct data in the client system. Once a record is complete, the data is immediately available to the client.

As with all client engagements, a dedicated Axion Project Manager is assigned to fully understand the project requirements, train Axion staff, and manage the work. In some cases, the client prefers to train not only the Project Manager but also participate in data entry staff training. If not available from the client, the Project Manager prepares written instructions, which are approved by the client and then used for staff training and reference.

The Project Manager communicates regularly, sometimes daily, with the client’s primary point of contact on such matters as expected workloads, progress, unexpected problems, and quality or turnaround issues.

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