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Traditional Data Entry Services

We have been in business since 1996 using the the methods of that time. We have long since expanded our offerings. Many companies send us source data that we digitize using our own in-house system. In 2019, we moved our technology infrastructure to the Google Cloud platform to which our data entry operators connect and use a powerful key-from-image interface that we customize for each data entry project.

This more traditional approach offers greater control over data quality and consistency through automated tools and programmed procedures, such as address validation and correction.

Data Entry Staffing & Management

Many contemporary clients prefer that we perform data entry, data verification, or Internet research tasks by connecting to their networks rather than sending us copies. Find out more about our data entry staffing management services.

There are significant advantages to your company when utilizing this approach:

  • You retain control over the physical documents, scanned images, or keyed data which provides you with greater data security.
  • You skip the hassle and cost of round-trip shipping hard copies to our data entry company.
  • When using this data entry method, we do not need to create a custom template in our system, accelerating project implementation and reducing your overall cost.
  • This type of data entry is done by Axion Data in real time and is instantly available to you on a record-by-record basis instead of waiting for a file transfer. This ensures that the data entered is fresh and accurate.
  • Your company does not need to locate, train, and manage competent in-house data entry staff. We provide vetted expert staff so that the time and cost of sourcing qualified individuals fall on us. We accomplish this at a lower cost than if you were to hire internally since we have established criteria to look for, and our dedicated employees result in a low turnover rate.

Data Entry Verification

For situations where the data is already in the desired format and the validity of the data is the question, we offer data entry verification. Some clients ask us to determine the accuracy and completeness of data they receive from outside sources. This is done by referencing original source documents or comparing information found on specified websites.

Data Entry Service Areas

Axion Data Services, located in the Pittsburgh area, is proud to offer data entry solutions to all companies in the United States!

Industries We Offer Data Entry Services

We have the knowledge, experience and industry tenure to offer accurate, secure data entry to YOUR industry.

A few of the industries we have served through data entry are:

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