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For 10 years a company providing property appraisal services to mortgage lenders outsourced their entire data entry operations to Axion. The project entailed transferring information from scanned images of property appraisals into a third-party software program used by the client to assist their banking clients make lending decisions.

The learning curve on this project was steep, and accuracy was critical given the purpose of the documents. Once trained, it took our staff between 45-90 minutes to complete a single appraisal. For the majority of this engagement, the client provided 40-45 appraisals per day for Axion to complete which were processed by a team of 8 data entry staff managed by one project manager.

However, in anticipation of expected decreases in mortgage rates, Axion was advised to increase its staff. Daily volumes increased from 40-45 appraisals to over 400 per day. To accommodate this increase, a second project manager joined the team and together the two managers hired and trained 60 data entry staff within a 4-week period. Throughout the duration of the refinance boom, Axion never carried a backlog of uncompleted appraisals.

While this experience was stressful and chaotic, we proved to ourselves and our client our dedication to doing whatever it takes to get the job done right!

Man appraising situation for volume increase

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