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This start-up company is the creator and owner of a restaurant search engine app designed to provide quick and easy access to restaurant information including detailed menus, dietary information, and hours of operation. The company, based in New York City, contacted Axion to perform research and data entry into their web-based system.

For over 5,000 NYC restaurants, Axion collected online information for as many as three daily menus per restaurant, menu names, menu items, descriptions, links to online ordering and reservation systems, dietary information, hours of operation, and photos. This was mainly achieved by doing a Google search of the restaurant name and locating the website of that specific location. Using the Client’s restaurant entry system and the actual restaurant menu (found on the website) the data entry operator then enters all required information. Initially, Axion started with a staff of six operators. As time progressed and the project grew, Axion had a staff of eighteen data entry operators working on this project.

To ensure accuracy and consistency, the client asked Axion to perform data verification whereby several skilled data entry operators sight-verified 100% of the data entered into the system and made any necessary corrections.

To ensure the app always included the most current information, a proprietary system created by the company’s tech team was designed to “crawl” the web every night and pull back any changes to menus already in their system. The following day a team of operators was tasked with matching up those changes to existing menus and updating the system.

The app was ready for release in March 2020 when COVID-19 shut down all the restaurants in NYC and elsewhere, so the release of the app is still pending.

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