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At Axion Data Services, we are dedicated to being flexible and reliable for every project we take on. To ensure we meet your data entry needs, we strive for quality through customized application and workflow designs.

Customized Service Approach

We create custom applications that match that project requirements. This allows us to build in programmed procedures that enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your project. Some of these procedures include field validations against allowable values, look-up tables, formula validations, and address validation, among others.

Every client project is different, often requiring us to develop a unique way of getting the job done right. To meet your specific requirements for project completion and data delivery, we will develop a custom workflow design and staffing schedule. Click on this link for an example of what we did to provide a 30-minute turnaround for 20 hours daily.

Click on this link for an example of custom programming to protect Private Identifiable Information (PII) and to apply specialized business rules, and ensure accuracy.

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