We have the flexibility to develop custom, creative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Creative solutions for data entry

Specialized Processes to Solve Data Issues

Protecting PII

For the protection of our clients’ and their customers’, Axion has developed a method to prevent a single data operator from keying all of the data for a specific form by separating individual pages into sub-sections which are then keyed by separate operators.

Validating Address Information

Once an address has been keyed into the system, Axion’s data entry system validates the address against the most recently available USPS database. If the address is valid, the zip+4 is automatically appended to the zip code and the address is normalized to USPS standards.

Customized Workflow

Axion creates a customized workflow for each client and form. In one example, to accommodate a client’s requirement of 20-hour continuous daily processing with delivery requirements every 30-minutes Axion developed a unique scheduling tool to establish five 4-hour shifts based on the historical traffic volumes per shift to determine the number of staff needed for each shift.

Axion File Express

Axion is developing a secure proprietary file transfer process that allows files to be transferred to and from Axion by placing files into a unique folder. Once the files are picked up, the files are split into individual bytes, encrypted, and sent via HTTPS to the destination where the file is un-encrypted and stored as the original file. The process runs continuously in the background without any human interaction required once the files have been placed into the folder. This eliminates the need to create Zip files, encrypt them, password protect them, and set up and execute an FTP file transfer.

Text Layer Data Extraction

Axion is developing a process enabling typewritten data to be extracted exactly as it was typed from digitally created PDF files.

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