Kevin A. Gaschler

Ducks Unlimited has used Axion for the vast majority of our data entry needs since 2003. I assure you that we would not be using them today if their performance was anything less than outstanding.

Axion has helped us to overcome several internal obstacles, with the two largest being turnaround and accuracy. Before Axion, it took us considerably longer to fulfill each of our nearly 5,000 fundraising events, which averaged 100 people each. Meanwhile, we had customer service issues due to the old “garbage in, garbage out” adage. Immediately, we were able to resolve those issues.

Client Comment

Axion has been providing services to a service firm since March 2015 in connection with the investigation of creditor judgments. It is not your typical data entry project and requires attention to detail, accuracy, and timeliness. Axion’s operators connect to our network and use our system to perform their work. We perform an ongoing internal audit of Axion’s work, and in all respects, Axion has performed extraordinarily well, meeting or exceeding all expectations.

Richard Hagerty

Axion has been working for us on our client’s loyalty card project for 12-13 years now. The length of time we have used them says much about how much we value their work…always on-time and way above our validity requirements. Alan is one of those guys that you absolutely know is going to do his utmost to service an account and make it work to your expectations. He is also very creative re: solutions, and many of the improvements in how we process this project have come from him and/or his team. Bottom line, you will not be disappointed with Axion’s work…They consistently deliver.

Niall Bolger

As yours was our third data service to employ in as many years, we went in with a fair amount of trepidation and concern. In addition to alleviating our concerns, you offered us many creative options and shortcuts that we previously had not known about.

We have had a wonderful experience working with you and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. We will be sure to recommend your company to our colleagues for their data entry needs.

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