Social Media

Social Media

Axion has performed data entry, data verification, and Internet research to support several social media apps to be used on mobile devices. Click on either of the case study links provided below for more detail.


Professional and Other Sports Organizations

Axion has compiled the results of in-game fan surveys, compiled a comprehensive database of on-field officials, assisted in the creation of physical artifacts implanted into the grounds of Heinz Field honoring all season ticket holders at the opening of Heinz Field, and built a comprehensive database of participants and statistics spanning 20 years of the Marine Corps Marathon..


Not-For-Profit Organizations

Axion has supported the efforts of not-for-profit organizations over the years, providing data entry services of membership applications, contribution cards, surveys, and other forms.

Government Data Entry


Axion is actively looking to expand its business in Federal, State, and City government activities. To date, Axion has provided data entry support to the US EEOC involving investigations in two states, and is currently serving the State of Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities recording the details of approximately 12,000 vehicle crashes per year.

government data entry capability statement

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Retail & Restaurant Chains

For many years, Axion specialized in providing data entry for large retail and restaurant chains supporting those companies customer loyalty programs. In one notable case, we processed an average of 200,000 loyalty card applications monthly for 14 years. We have processed contest entries, product registrations, product promotions, and updated inventory information

Using programmed procedures we are able to validate addresses against the USPS database of U.S. addresses, appending the Zip+4 when available. As well, we use formula validations to validate barcords using the built in check-digit algorithms.


Financial Services Companies

This is the most demanding segment presenting challenges far exceeding simple data entry, including data verification, Internet research, and compliance with oftentimes complex sets of business rules, confidentiality and security restrictions. The types of applications include Department of Homeland Security Form I-9 ( U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – Employment Eligibility Verification), of which we have processed over 4 million (see case study – I-9), data entry, verification, and research involving creditor judgements (see case study Credit & Collection), transcription of many years of investment transactions, and data entry of property appraisals used by banks to make lending decisions. For one organization, Axion submitted 12.5 million bids in 18 days for a client that was acquiring real-estate tax liens at public auctions held by states, counties, and municipalities.



Axion has performed double-key data entry for clinical trials involving cardiology research over a 14-year period, a university sponsored psychology research study, and capture of anesthesia data maintained in a subscription database accessed by hospitals nationwide.

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